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Welcome to the betty help centre.
How can we help?
  • +What are bettypads?

    bettypads pads are made specially for superstar girls like you.

    Designed to fit growing bodies and with high absorbency, our pads are available in four sizes and are made from organic cotton and super-soft bamboo for the ultimate comfort. They also have added wings meaning your pad isn't going anywhere (and they prevent leaks too!). You’ll be environmentally-savvy too, as they’re 100% biodegradable!

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  • +Who are they designed for?

    With sanitary towels, one size does not fit all and because you’re all oh-so-fab, we’ve created pads that actually fit you and your growing bodies. Result! We’re moving away from labelling girls as ‘regular’, ‘super’ or ‘super plus’ and instead using a simple numbering system 1-4. Because who really knows what ‘normal’ is anyway?


    Our range of bettypads are perfect for teenagers and should be your go-to pads to try when first starting your period.

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  • +What are bettypads made from?

    bettypads contain four ingredients: 100% organic cotton core, a super-soft bamboo top sheet, a plant-based backing, and a non-toxic adhesive.

    bettypads are free of: pesticides, synthetic fibers, dyes, toxins, latex, formaldehyde, and fragrances.

    They are hypoallergenic and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

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  • +How do I find my fit?

    You should wear whichever bettypad feels most comfortable for you, but if you need some help on where to start, take a peek at our fit chart. Comfort is queen, girls!

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  • +How do I buy bettypads?

    Right now, you can buy our bettypads, liners and wipes through our pick & mix subscription.

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  • +What’s the difference between day pads and night pads?

    betty offers two types of organic cotton pads: day pads and night pads. Day pads are perfect for light-medium flows and are available in 4 different sizes for maximum comfort. Night pads are great for heavier flows and overnight protection, as they're a bit longer and wider than day pads.  They're both ultra thin pads with wings.

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  • +Do you offer tampons?

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer tampons in our bettypad range.

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  • +Where are bettypads made?

    bettypads are made in Spain and packaged specially for you in the UK.

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  • +How do you assure your products are safe?

    bettypads are made from hypoallergenic materials so they're safe to use on your skin. They are also made with 100% organic cotton core and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

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