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Welcome to the betty help centre.
How can we help?
  • +What's the difference between Pink Parcel and bettybox?

    The main difference is the goodies that are found in the For You box.

    For bettybox customers, this is products aimed at  girls aged 11-16, so the For You bit of the box might  include jewelry, skincare, stationery and sweets. Pink Parcel is aimed at an older audience so the treats include tea, makeup and lifestyle products.

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  • +What will I get in my bettybox?

    In addition to the tampons or pads you've requested, you’ll also receive a variety of beauty and lifestyle treats in the For You box. These treats change each month, so opening your bettybox will always be a lovely surprise.

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  • +Can I give bettybox as a gift?

    You can give a bettybox to anyone! When you subscribe, you’ll be given the option of adding a shipping address. Just add their details and preferred product and you’re all set to make someone’s time of the month that little bit lovelier.

    As well as bettybox, we also offer Pink  Parcel – our monthly subscription service designed especially for girls, aged 16+.

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