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Welcome to the betty help centre.
How can we help?
  • +Do you send out review boxes?

    We do, however, we are a growing company so unfortunately we don’t have an endless supply of review bettyboxes available.

    To be considered for a bettybox, please email us at media@betty.me and tell us more about your blog/You Tube channel/Instagram account, including how many followers/subscribers you have. 

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  • +Do you reply to all blogger requests?

    We certainly try our best, however, you might not hear from us straight away so please be patient with us!

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  • +Do you work with bloggers/vloggers?

    We love the blogging community and have worked with bloggers in many different ways from the very beginning of bettybox.

    If you'd like to get involved with bettybox, drop us a line at media@betty.me.


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