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Welcome to the betty help centre.
How can we help?

'for you' products

  • +My bettybox has arrived damaged, what should I do?

    Unfortunately sometimes boxes do get damaged in transit. Drop us a line at  hello@betty.me , including an image of the damaged product and we'll investigate it for you.

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  • +My bettybox is missing a product, what should I do?

    We're so sorry - we can only blame it on the disease known as ‘human error’!

    Drop us a line at  hello@betty.me  and we'll get the product sent to you ASAP.

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  • +Can I buy any of the ‘for you’ products?

    Some of the products, especially those we've worked with partners to create, are available to buy in our sister company, Pink shop. You can browse our shop items here: https://www.pink-parcel.com/uk/shop/

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  • +How do I rate the products I’ve received??

    A week after your bettybox has arrived, you will receive an email inviting you to rate your favourite products that month.

    Alternatively, once logged in to your account, you can visit the OMG or WTF part of your account and start giving your feedback.

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  • +Do you cater for people with allergies?

    Unfortunately we're not in a position to guarantee that the products we include in our box are suitable for everyone to use. If you do suffer from an allergy, it's your responsibility to check that the products are suitable for you to use and don't include any ingredients that may cause a reaction.

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  • +Is there a way to personalise my bettybox?

    Unfortunately as of right now,  the only personalisation we can offer is with the choice of your pads and tampons.

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feminine hygiene products

  • +What can I expect in my bettybox?

    You can expect your selected product, along with night time pads and liners. This comes as standard in every bettybox.

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  • +What brands do you supply?

    Our tampon brands currently include Tampax & Lil-lets.

    At the moment, we only stock Always, Bodyform and our own environmentally friendly products, bettypads.

    We stock Unscented Always Infinity, and Bodyform Ultra and Scented Always Ultra and Bodyform Deo fresh.

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  • +Do you provide a multi-absorbency option?

    We provide multi-packs of tampons. These come with various absorbencies to see you through the different stages of your period.

    At the moment we don’t have that option for pads, but it will be coming soon.

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  • +Do you provide mixed tampon and pad packages?

    We do offer mixed parcels with both tampon and day pads. This will also include night time pads and liners.

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