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Welcome to the betty help centre.
How can we help?

app queries

  • +Where can I download it from?

    It will be available on the App Store for apple users, and Google Play for andriod users.

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  • +What does it cost?

    For now, it’s free!

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  • +Can I get advice?

    We have a forum on the app where you can ask your peers questions (anonymously!) or if you wanted to ask a slightly more experienced user there’s that function too!

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  • +What is the betty app?

    It’s a period and lifestyle tracking app. You keep track of your cycle but also your diet, activity and emotions. We’ll be able to help you track patterns in how what you're eating and doing might correlate with where you are in your cycle and your mood.


    There are daily periodscopes which are like horoscopes but directly related to your cycle and hormones that might impact on your mood.

    You can also access your bettybox account from the app (handy) and we’ll share some of the content from betty.me there too.

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